giving them the slip

Some guy was screaming something in a bullhorn on Oxford Street, and these girls were trying to figure out what he was screaming. I like the eyelet lace slip like skirt.

When I saw this girl wearing a whole slip, I didn't feel as odd wearing a slip as a skirt (with a pink top). Actually: no one noticed in the least. At what point did wearing underwear as outerwear become normal? Or is it just, this is England and everyone assumes you're just eccentric?


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I must admit that I'm timid when it comes to this. It must be a result of being a teacher. Do you ever go on Maison des Reveries (blog)? SHe has this amazing outfit with her bra showing--but somehow it's done so classy. Wow. Guts.

jill said...

Oh, I'm not saying this particular look is good. I don't know her and most likely she won't see this so I can say it: this is not flattering to her shape. Even with the blurry shot, from a distance, I could see it. (In fact a lot of the shots I took yesterday weren't necessarily great looks, just fun shots).

But what I love about the underwear thing - which I'm going to go into in a post soon - is it's a clever use of what we've got (I never wore my half slip, for example - we don't really wear slips, do we? - just found it in a drawer, brand new).

I'll look for Maison des Reveries, thanks - it sounds familiar.

How's my home town, the Big Apple, holding up? : )


Suit Size said...

That two ladies is so pretty especially the girl who wearing white skirt.