on friendship, ice cream, topshop, leopard prints, and jacket envy

Liz and her friend Annalisa, in Primrose Hill, eating ice cream on a sunny Sunday.

The pattern on Liz's leopardesque print top looks like it's part of Barbara Hulanicki's fabulous line @ Topshop, but today when I was in the shop on Ken High Street, all I saw was it as a skirt (shown here). Annalisa's footless tights might be Topshop, too. There's an interesting spin on the theme, with roses at the online shop.

Speaking of Topshop, I've seen such a beautiful, feminine spin on the motorcycle jacket, first on Stephanie's great blog, Style Odyssey, and a few other places, and today, on Karla from her closet. Which led me to thinking of all the generous spirited women out there, supporting me and welcoming me into this blog alternative universe, and all the new friendships that have been forming - some, with people in foreign lands that I haven't met (yet), and real friendships formed simply through streetshooting. 

Yet something else is stirring in me which I hadn't noticed before I started this blog, and it's not pretty: I'm feeling envy. Jacket envy. I want that jacket! I can see so many ways I'd wear it. With neutrals and white cigarette jeans, like Karla, or over floaty nude and pink dresses.. I've noticed on blogs that people will say 'I'm jealous of your shoes' and I'd think, hang on! You're a person! How can you be jealous of a pair of shoes? But now I've got Jacket Envy, and I've got it bad, and it's not funny anymore.

p.s. later that day... SORRY ITEM OUT OF STOCK
Yes, that's what it says. It still hasn't sunk in, but it sounds like, I'm screwed. You snooze, you loose, it's so true. It took me a while to find this because when I googled 'Topshop, motorcycle jacket, sequins', my own blog came up 2nd, but I finally found it: and it's out of stock! Which means.. how does this work exactly, Jacket Envy? Do I now resent anyone who has the jacket? DOES THAT INCLUDE KARLA, who's just been so nice to me, a total stranger? I'm new to this fashion envy concept. Well, thank god for eBay. What goes around, comes around, I always say.


Vicki said...

Hi there Polka Dot/Jill!
I just wanted to post a comment saying thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I am still a complete novice and comments like yours reassure me that i am on the right track! Love your blog!! the photos done with a film camera are amazing! I have borrowed an old film camera from a friend and hope to give it a go! If you have any tips i would be most grateful!
Thanks again! Much love from Ireland xx

StyleSpy said...

Ah, yes. The Fashion Envy. Several of my blogging friends have items they'd better lock up if I ever get within grabbing distance. It's not pretty, but it's true.

Stephanie Clayton said...

oh, you must have that jacket then! march yourself over to the nearest topshop and grab it up before it's gone! (fyi, as for me, i am still deciding on whether to get it. i mean, i have loads of jackets that rarely see the light outside my closet. it's too hot here for jackets 99.9% of the time. *big sigh*)

if you do get this gorgeous sequin jacket, we want to see photos of you modeling it! :)

and....by the way, thanks so very much for mentioning my blog. i, too, am grateful for such generous spirited "blog-friends" who inspire and help nurture one's stylish pursuits!

Stephanie and Silvya said...

Ohhhh that jacket is to die for!!!! I love shiny jackets so much. 8/

Too bad I don't even have a Topshop where I live. :[ Perhaps I should look into online shopping...


jill said...

Too late. I tried. It wasn't on their site, and finally I found a link.. on my posting there's a phrase in orange, try clicking on that.
My only hope now is to wait a while and see if one surfaces on eBay. I'm not usually like this but I really like it for some reason, and I don't usually like motorcycle jackets. I thought Topshop just came to the states, and just in NY? Is it all over the country now? It's Tops in London!


I love street style blogs, glad I came across yours today!! :)


Anonymous said...

Those girls look so down to earth and lovely :)
That jacket *face turns green wih envy ;)* is really quite amazing and definitely worthy of jacket envy..
My own envy at the moment is that completely outrageous Luella skirt engulfed in ribbons and frills which I would probably never wear but would probably just gaze in awe at :D
lots of love,
nicky x

Anonymous said...

damn it!! ive been going crazy looking for that jacket too!! maybe it'll come back in stock...maybe.

Unknown said...

Ok, this is too freak!

I was with 2 pages open. One is your blog (that i love) and the other one, opened a little early, was the google research for .... the Top Shop sequin biker jacket.

This jacket is insane, all the girls outfits are amazing, and the aspect that I am in Brazil, far, far way from the store is really not helping ...... any way let´s all trry Ebay!

Milly said...

I am POSESSED of jacket envy! How do we get it??x

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