the real anni fergusson and her fabulous fur bag

How silly am I! I mis-read my notes and posted yesterday's model as Anni Fergusson. And today I got an email from the REAL Annie Fergusson saying uh, it's not me. I'm her. Was my face red! To my credit: they were both wearing Topshop, and the name does sound Scandinavian. Still, no excuse. I'm just a dodo.
Anni, I'm sorry, because you're such a star. The REAL Anni is sporting a great grey jumper with what seemed @ first animal motif, but is actually playing cards (it's Topshop, of course!). I love the way she mixes up fur and sandals - in this crazy weather, people are getting creative. I forget where the fabulous fur bag is from: Anni can you remind me? Can you forgive me for the identity mix-up? And furthermore: who, then, is the Dutch model with the Topshop sandals?

Guess I'm just having one of those days.

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