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Staying cool at the Victoria and Albert Museum garden, which now has a really good open air cafe by the same people who have taken over the modern cafe at the end of the Serpentine. I can't remember their name at the moment, but the food's great & staff are really nice. It's my new favourite place to meet someone for a coffee, or come on my own to write (or read), and you're actually allowed into the fountain to cool off, as long - get this - as you don't sit on the fountains, as this little guy was doing. He got a right telling off!

I love his nanny's bullfighter colours. She's so nice, and great with her charges, even if she is raising them to be criminals.


Anonymous said...

adorable photos :)
this weekend we seem to be just missing each other as I was in that courtyard yesterday evening!
was wondering if you wouldn't mind me stealing your glory of the 'favorite blog of the moment' box and having one on my blog? Obviously you would be my first and always favorite blog of the moment :)
Just saw Jun's creative tights I was going to try and D.I.Y a pair but then realized I really didn't have the artistic skills :)
lots of love,
nicky x x

jill said...

that's so funny, nicky - do we live near each other? i'm SW7 - the v&a is about a 20 min walk (why am i writing lower case? i'm so easily led : )

sure, steal away! oh! you mean you'd have ME as your first favourite? absolutely, it's a brilliant idea!!
i tried to DIY jun's idea, too - but i think my pen nub was too thick, it kept catching in the tights & i couldn't get a smooth line. i'm going to ask her, too: i'd like something that's like a tattoo, that says my husband and my name in mandarin, maybe going up the side of one leg.

speaking of stealing, -h: i hope you don't mind i totally pliagarised your 'classic with a twist' post yesterday - but at least i did credit you. how are my shoes doing? : )

Unknown said...

Made my day!!! How refreshing! Just by looking at this picture makes me want to splash some water on myself in a nice hot day! The colors of the picture are so vibrant!

Stephanie and Silvya said...

How cute! :D

I love that woman's skirt. I used to hate skirts like that, but they're growing on me...


The Cupcake Stand said...

love these pictures. so freeeeee!! xoxo.


Aline Dahl said...

the last picture is just perfect! absolutely perfect.