something tells me we're not in kansas anymore

Okay, now it's getting silly. Mr. Dot got came in while I was uploading photos, asked what I was doing. Posting pictures of Hay, said I. More? Said he. Well, yeah.
He's concerned I'm veering off the London streetstyle theme, but - hey - most of us at the literary festival were from London anyway, so it's kind of London streetstyle, once removed. I think he should do his own blog if he's going to be so bossy. Now I've gone underground, and am posting secretly. Our marriage is in trouble if I'm not just hiding shopping from my husband, but now posting as well.

Anyway, here's what I saw at the festival (besides fascinating talks by various favourite writers). We saw lots o' local colour. Lots o' pink, and warm shades of orange and brown. A surprisingly large proportion of basic black, but the sun did seem to bring out more passionate warm colour than we've been seeing in town. Not a lot of white yet, or the pale nudes and pinks we've been expecting, but it's early yet. Hope you all don't mind I'm bending the rules and posting non-London style, but it does say on the byline 'LONDON • ENGLAND • THE WORLD'. I mean, Wales, last I looked, was still in the World. Although, that weekend, it did feel like heaven. Imagine: all the people, living life in peace.

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TheSleekGeek said...

omg!i wish i was there!!