portrait of an artist as young woman

Met Sophie, an artist, in the Tate Britain.

I'm so sorry it's blurry - Sophie was keeping very very still, bless her cotton socks (and I think they are cotton), because it was very dark and I shoot in film.. anyway, just as I got a few shots in, a very matronly guard called out 'NO PHOTOS IN THE MUSEUM'. I could hardly explain I wasn't exactly shooting their art..

anyway, I love the whole underwear as outerwear trend, and I wish you could see how fabulous this looked, she had a kind of lacey white bustier open under her school uniform jacket. Brilliant! (I've just seen that again - a school jacket over a very ethereal dress - at the Phillips show this weekend, hope those shots come out!). And Karla's wearing a bustier over a shirt. So now I'm out the door in a hot pink boat neck tee over a slip. Will see if I can get a friend to shoot me.

My man, Mr. Dot, outside the museum.


TheSleekGeek said...

hahaha Jill, your man is so cute!:D

Stephanie Clayton said...

neat photo of mr. dot! could be a good ad for the tate, no?
i've wanted to shoot some pics in the miami art museum (people, not art) but they wouldn't let me. i understand why, but still..
good story/post!

jill said...

well if you understand why, please tell me! i could see if it were a flash thing - it could fade the paintings over time - but otherwise.. what do they think we're going to do, get a snap of a turner and then, what, make a forgery and sell it on the black market?
sorry - it's hot, i'm a bit cranky. : )

there are some museums - the saatchi gallery, for example - that let you, and everyone's shooting, which is lovely. it's giving the experience another dimension. i've actually shot in both tates, so when the guard scolded me/us, i wanted to say 'but i've already taken photos here and no one stopped me then!'

trust me, stephanie, there's a lot of fun in getting away with it. i say go for it!

Anonymous said...

hey jill!
Was about to go to that Turner exhibition at the Tate Britain last saturday but it was a choice between that and the Tate Modern and myself and my friend couldn't choose so it came down to eeny-meeny-miny-mo ;)
In the end we went to the Tate Modern which has the most fantastic exhibit on futurism see my post before my latest one :)
There was also another one entitled dreams and something or other?
Well anyway that was great too and it included some very deep and complex films which no one really understod but pretended too :).

Just to say looming comments are always the best Jill!
nicky x x