model behaviour (dress down friday)

Seconds after shooting Tom & Lynette (sorry, it makes me smile just writing that!), I saw Francesca. I love the simplicity even casually of dark black and navy. (Another favourite look is starting to appear: pale pinks, nudes & neutrals). I'm a Virgo and that's apparently our colours - black, navy blue, neutrals.. very clean, simple lines - and this look totally sums up for me what Dress Down Friday is all about. Of course, it helps to be a model, like Francesca, but still, we can all manage clean, conditioned hair (secret tip: don't colour yours - I never have, and it really helps keep it young & soft) and a nice smile. That's my beauty tip of the day.

That, and a pure heart and shining spirit, and let your smile be your umbrella. Go forth, girls, and multiply!


StyleSpy said...

OOH!!! SHOES!!!! YUM!!!

jill said...

which reminds me: her shoes - i had it in the posting but it was rather long. meant to ask her. i've got her details, i'll see if i can find out who made them..

Stephanie and Silvya said...

simple & chic. <3


Stephanie Clayton said...

really cute shoes! i have a navy merino wool sweater just like the one she's wearing.
simple style is underrated, yet can be so chic.
nice pic.

Noelle Chantal said...

i love this look. very simple casual but beautiful. and yes, her hair look so fine! perfect for her simple yet stunning features! you have one interesting site, Jill! great inspirational photos and picks. :)

Tix said...

Yes, great shoes - from where?