not desperate, nor housewives

Spotted Tom and Lynnette on Bond Street and absolutely HAD to dot them. It wasn't til much later - even after watching an episode of Desperate Housewives - that I realised: Tom and Lynnette! And these two fashion students are so absolutely NOT desperate. In fact when I was telling them how I was on this quota for a deadline for a company in LA to shoot a trend for May to go to Conde Nast in Beijing and Moscow on London streetstyle (it's a funny world, what can I say) but I couldn't find any bright wild prints because everyone's wearing black, Lynnette just smiled that fabulous smile and said 'Black is back!' (As to what she's wearing, she looked around her own outfit, touching the shaggy jacket, and replied 'Nothing special.') I'd love to see what she comes up with when she makes an effort!

Black is absolutely back, baby. In fact, even at the Hay Festival, in Wales, in hot summer heat, where you'd usually find a lot of floaty hippie flowery prints.. they were still there of course, but so were a lot of very sleek, minimal, black chic frocks (including yours truly, in my new hot pink plastic celebrity sandals, and a black racerback ribbed cotton number from American Apparel).

Black isn't backing down any time soon. London hasn't seen anything like it since poor old Prince Albert left this mortal coil. In fact one could say black is.. well, the new black.


Anonymous said...

fabulous looks on them both! tom & lynnette, cute : )
love yr blog!

becky xoxo

Amy said...

Groovy couple.

Anonymous said...

just watched the season finale of desperate housewives last night :) so intense!
I have noticed the whole black vibe too here in London :), wow, street style for Conde Nast :O, congratulations!!!!!
lots of love,
nicky x x

Nini's Style said...

I really like her outfit. You're so sweet. It's a pleasure to feature you as my site of the week.

TheSleekGeek said...

Oh! i loved all black and i used to wear black only :P im glad to hear Black is back, black is the best.


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

They're stunning. Love that jacket.

La Chauve-Souris said...

first time I came across your blog....love your styleee

bonne nuit
la chauve-souris

Stain On My Red Shoes said...

nice way of wearing all-blacks without looking like they're going to a funeral.
i used to avoid all blacks attire, and wore mostly colors but now i become more and more drawn to black outfits :)