twilight palette

Today, I'm craving a softer palette - more like the macarons @ Lauderee, or the soft twilight at the end of a summer's day when it feels like summer will last forever, and anything's possible.
I'm not seeing much of those soft colours - not yet - on the streets of London. Interestingly, thought, we're seeing a whole lot more grey - in June! It's such freaky weather, no one knows how to dress, and dove grey is lovely in summer, especially paired with palest pink. It's probably why everyone, self included, fell in love with That Topshop Jacket. It's has the same effect of the last rays of sunlight glittering on the water as the sky turns pink. (Zara, by the way, has some lovely gossamer thin sleeveless flapper style dresses, in grey or pale rose covered with sequins, for £39).
Here's a pic my husband shot of me before he was my husband, for your viewing pleasure. (I added the skirt, a real rose, more recently). I want to be back on those rocks, somewhere in the Carribean, and dive into warm, tropical waters. A girl can dream, no? Off to Pub Quiz Night with our friends. It's naff, but good fun.


Anonymous said...

hey jill :)
I love how you said naff, good old enlish lingo..
you attached the rose on photoshop?
lots of love,
nicky x

mode.ulation said...

What a gorgeous photo and outfit! I love your blog =]

Anonymous said...

Great photo!!!

punchdrunk said...

Fantastic shot!!!

omar said...

luve that look, really great

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

You're absolutely radiant in this shot. I love that dress--it's like a flower. Lovely!!