the look i'm going for (flip flop girl)

It's probably brought on by this cool summer weather, and it's probably homesickness, and a longing to have some real summer with real swimming in real sea, but I'm finding that if I can't be at my parents' summer home on the North Fork of Long Island (that's Mr. Dot fishing, below), then what I want to do is wear old, soft, familiar clothes, like the outfit I wore today in Brompton Cross/Knightsbridge (above). It's as if, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, if I wear the Ruby Slippers, I'll somehow get home.

This dress belonged to an old friend & she let me borrow it. I wore it all summer, years ago, and always felt great in it. I eventually gave it back to her.. anyway, one day, years later, she gave me a gift wrapped in tissue paper with a slim satin ribbon: The Dress. I love it, but both my mother and my husband hate it (Sorry honey! Sorry mom!)

My niece Scarlett, however, loves the dress and doesn't understand why 'Grandma' hates it. She thinks it makes me look like a ballerina. (She said this last year: she was 6 at the time). I said: I know! That's the look I'm going for!

On a separate note: I'm daring myself to wear heels every day this week. On the street. In broad daylight. It is a very odd feeling, as I'm normally a ballet flats, boots, or flip flop girl.


Unknown said...

Ahhhhh! Are those a ton of bracelets piled on top of each other on your arm?!? I do the same! I have an incredible collection of typical bracelets from Hispanic countries! Seeing the fact I'm from the Dominican Republic..why not? I don't think the dress looks bad! I do like seeing London in the background though because one day I hope to go there!
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StyleSpy said...

My lord, you have fantastic legs! ::green with ency::