my reincarnated hot pink plastic celebrity sandals

This just in: my new hot pink plastic celebrity sandals. Last week, my HPPCS broke for the 2nd time, and the Gorilla Glue wasn't holding. You might remember - if you've been reading my little bloggette as far back as early May, that when I was in Palm Beach women were going gaga for my cheap plastic sandals that I've been wearing for years. (story here). Well - call it divine intervention - last Thursday, when I was on a streetstyle shooting deadline (don't ask) and freezing, I stopped in for warmth, on a whim, to Next, on Oxford Street. There they were! About a dozen pair! My new ones are slightly different than their first incarnation: they've got a sparkly real diamond buckle and a kind of buckling effect on the soles which actually help the grip - so they're new & improved.
I was tempted to buy them all but told myself: no, Jill, only one per customer. EIGHT QUID. They're not online, or at least weren't when I checked.  You might have to hoof it over to your local branch. Today's only Wednesday, there's a chance there's a pair left, in your size. Provided, of course, your karma is good.


StyleSpy said...

Oh, go and get another pair! I think if you find the perfect thing you should get more than one, especially for 8 quid!

jill said...

I think I should! And on the way home, I could stop by Topshop and check out that gorgeous sequin nude biker jacket that Judy bought in NY! I just discovered her blog thanks to you via Stephanie - all these lovely friends - and I haven't actually MET ANY OF YOU! (yet). In the space of about ten minutes, I've travelled the globe. I feel jet lagged.

I think we should all converge in Stephanie & her husband's home in the BVI: do a surprise photo shoot/swimming holiday.

Stephanie Clayton said...

oh, now there you go, Jill...come on over! it's lovely here, albeit not terribly stylish (i'm trying to single-handedly change that, lol.)

i discovered Judy's blog "atlantis home" via her daughter's at sea of shoes. doesn't that jacket look lovely on judy? -h mentioned she had it, & i wandered over to have a look.

jC, you need to get yourself that jacket AND another pair of those Palm Beach-esque plastic sandals (which I also love, by the way)! Go before they're all gone! :)

jill said...

Oh, wow, I didn't realise Judy of 'atlantis home' was related to 'sea of shoes'! Was that the same daughter who made the lovely cakes?

How I wish I could get that jacket and another pair of the hot pink celebrity sandals (&thank you by the way! : ) there's only one thing stopping me - or slowing me down: Mr. Dot. Why did our mothers never tell us that the next words after 'I do' are 'No you don't, you shopaholic you?' And I'm really not! Almost everything I wear is 'vintage' - i.e. other people's hand me downs, thrift shop chic, or my own from babysitting money when I was 15. That's the one thing I miss from my single girl days: making my own retail decisions. I've become like I Love Lucy, sneaking things into the house. I really want 'h's' fabulous red heels but how would I explain a package arriving from overseas?

Okay, enough ranting. He's lovely in other ways - and he always likes what I buy. If he asks is it new, I just look at him deadpan and say I've had it for ages. Hiding in the back of my closet!

I WILL come to visit, one of these days, with God as my witness!

Anonymous said...

They're not online at Next because they're from new look :p


jill said...

Oh, my goodness, you're right! What WAS I thinking! Will correct soon - just have to run out and meet a friend. Thanks for that Anonymous tip : )