connecting the dots

Katie, spotted & dotted outside the V&A last week, in vintage shoes and jacket from 'somewhere in Notting Hill' on the same day I had seen '-h's' shot in leopard coat and clutch - and in fact at the same moment I was thinking about it, and the whole 'classic with a twist' thing.

p.s. Had to run out earlier this morning when I posted this, but also want to say that I was running by Katie when I saw her - didn't want to be late to meet Mr. Dot @ the annual Grosvernor House Antiques Fair (lots o' good style, but indoors & too dark to shoot), and Katie was just sitting there so happily, radiating good style & good vibes. The sun literally came out as I was shooting her!


Stephanie Clayton said...

oh yes, love the red bag with animal print shoes & jacket...& the sunglasses...& the jeans....& the hair...! perfection.

Victoria said...

Oh Thank u so much, dear ! :)

Tilly said...

i love seeing leopard in summer. nice look!

TheSleekGeek said...

thanks!! hahah yes, thats me :)
btw,i like her blonde hair!!!!love it1