uki, uki

Uki, outside the cinema, Fulham Road, London


StyleSpy said...

LOVE the red shoes with the black & white -- one of my favorite tricks.

Ashley said...

Ooh I love the cuffed sandals..so perfect with the b+w.


Unknown said...

I love the dress! I don't know why but it reminds me of a tuxedo. The red sandals are marvelous! The necklace is small but it's that small detail which now I am addicted to! Love it. She obviously has some character!
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Anonymous said...

ooh i love that dress! and the bright shoes work really well with it

Stephanie Clayton said...

the shoes, the shoes! they're a fun pop of orangey red.


The necklace = tres adorable
The dress = tres tres adorable
The shoes = tres tres tres adorable
Therefore, I believe that this is AN AMAZING OUTFIT!

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Jem said...

i quite like her look alot, very casual and cute! i love that your documenting london street style, seeing as londons one of my faveorite cities in the world! please check out my blog at http://framestheworld.blogspot.com/

Jolie Roux said...

Wow, those are great shoes. I adore them, espicially red.

Anonymous said...

not digging the dress- but the sandals- WOW

Stephanie and Silvya said...

Love love love this look!!!

I've missed your blog. My poor computer died.

How are things?


jill said...

Cultureshock! I've missed you two, too!! In fact there's another lovely blogger, also called Stephanie C (do you know her? Style Odyssey? She's on my 'nice things' list under 'Miami & BVI' I think - look around, you'll find her - you two should 'meet'.

Anyway, sent her a note after she sent me a comment, asking if her 'system' was fixed. It was quite a hilarious exchange, as she hadn't a clue what I was asking and thought it was about something entirely different.

will visit your blog soon... put my two cents in of course : )

Meanwhile it's funny about this look: I forgot to ask Uki where she got everything, or maybe she indicated it wasn't anywhere special, but on Sunday we were driving on the M4 (a motorway) in London & I saw a girl with an entirely different look, wearing the dress as a top over leggings, blond hair in a cute short bob, big gold headband, metallic flat gladiator sandals... I couldn't shoot it, we whizzed by too fast, but man it would have been great to get that shot!