hay fever

Hey there! I'm back from the dead. Sorry for the delay in posting but I got knocked sideways with a killer migraine, brought on, ironically, by hay fever. It's almost gone now & I can finally start posting some of the shots from this year's Hay Festival. (by the way when I put things in colour on these posts, you can click on them to links, in case you didn't know). So if you're wondering what the Hay Literary Festival is about, well wonder no more! It's basically the Glastonbury festival, but with writers instead of musicians. So it's a little quieter, but often, no less muddy.

Apart from this year. Which was gloriously sunny & dry. And a good excuse for girls to put on their most flowery summer frocks (altho most, especially the ones from London, were sticking firmly to black). It was so fabulous, and we had such a great time staying with friends, that I'm inspired to finally start a sister blog, coming soon, called lifestylelondon (pics by polka dot).

Have no idea who this couple are, or where her dress is from, so no point in asking me. More to come and thanks for your get well thoughts and your patience! xoxo


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Wish I could be there! Looks glorious! The weather today in NYC was pretty dismal...It felt like nighttime this morning. Alas, these shots are simply gorgeous!

Stephanie and Silvya said...

Glad you're starting to feel better!

It's a really cute shot. :] I like her dress.

Sounds like a fun festival to go to.