models are people, too

Okay, what are the odds of this: I met & shot Helene, a Dutch model, on New Bond Street, did a whole bunch of other things, London was having a tube strike, there were no taxis, I was near the Ritz, and who do I see but Helene, waiting for a bus. Like a mere mortal!


Nini's Style said...

She got a beautiful face.

KLF said...

This is a great individual shot! And a very beautiful model. I love her jacket and colour combination - I am determined to get a black (part) leather jacket soon!

This is my first post on your blog - I have been following it a bit recently actually. I am a student in the US who is coming to London this summer. Having been to London and become friends with some English students, I have been acquainted with the unofficially declared business casual dresscode. I am heading over in a few weeks and I have yet to begin packing. I've heard the weather is up and down there - and judging by this image (the jacket and leggings) - it may be chilly? So was just wondering if you had any advice for proper type of wear that is suited to the weather?



Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Odd, but sometimes life is weirder than fiction. Wasn't she wearing that exact same outfit before? (Not that it matters.)

jill said...

No, you're absolutely correct! It was the same day! Just didn't get round to posting the shot til now : )

jill said...

Hi KLF, first, thank you, and that's great that you're coming to London! Get in touch if you have time before you leave the states - my email's on my profile: jill@haybooks.com

To Nini: You should know, you have one of the most beautiful faces I've seen in the blogosphere! Your inner beauty - your niceness - shines thru, as does Helene's.


betsie said...

must get a black leather jacket