where is her vote?

At the Iranian Embassy, Wednesday.

The purpose of this blog is to be frivolous and fun, and focus on fashion. I don't want to offend anyone, and for me, personally, this is not political, nor religious: this is about basic human rights, and about freedom.

So in honour of this anonymous woman - I am not posting her name - and the countless men and women like her, and of what is just breaking in the news, I will continue to post photos I took on Wednesday, along with my streetstyle and other shots. This was, for Mr. Dot and myself, a very profound, moving, wonderful experience to be part of. Even the British police, as expected, were charming and delightful, and clearly supportive of the protesters. As I trust people will continue to be, around the world, until their voices, and their votes, are heard.

(The colour palette, on police, protesters, and photographers alike, was green, to represent the movement, and black, in honour of those who have already lost their lives in the name of freedom.)


StyleSpy said...

Am hoping with all my heart that these protests lead to some progress with a minimum of violence or reprisals. And it's always good for people like me to be reminded not to take my basic rights for granted -- sometimes I forget how lucky I am, and I nevr should.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting shots of the protests!!

jill said...

Thank you, that is exactly how we feel, too. It's so inspiring and moving to see how people are willing to risk their lives for the freedoms I grew up taking for granted.