no smoking in the museum

Dotted outside the British Museum: finally, a playsuit! In this season's big colour, yellow. (Not so wild about the yellow & black thing, it's a bit bumblebee to me, what do you think?) Expected to see more of them this spring but it's been too friggin' cold & wet.


eLLy* said...

Fantastic Blog! LoveLoveLove!

;) eLLy*


I love the location as well as the outfit. You captured her smile perfectly too! :)

StyleSpy said...

Hmmmmm... Dunno if I'm going with it. I don't mind the jumpsuit thing if it looks adult, but this is fairly juvenile to my eye. Also -- short shorts, cleavage, and heels? Pick one, maybe two, but all three & we're getting into pole-dancer territory. She does have a great smile, though, and love the hair.

Katia said...

I love the setting of this picture!

Agreed on the bumblebee, I've always avoided yellow & black for that reason. I actually find yellow a hard color to pair up, so I don't wear it much though I love it. My favorite use of it was a bright yellow vintage YSL jacket worn with a bright mauve camisole layered over a light turquoise camisole.

jill said...

Bright yellow vintage YSL jacket..bright mauve.. light turquoise.. sounds gorgeous! I'd love to see that, do you have a photo? Even of just the clothes thrown together on the bed? Please email me a shot, I'll put it up! jill@haybooks.com thanks!
SS: I know! And I agree, she's got a great smile, hair, and seemed really nice, but I personally have to always balance out anything remotely pole-danceresque with something.. dowdy. It's all about balance.

Feminine and masculine, bright and dull, yin & yang: I love that balance of contrasts, like what Eva wore in the V&A.

Anonymous said...

playsuits are the best .
see what you mean about bumblebee, but i think she pulls it off .
LOVE your photographs ;]