Okay, first of all: I shoot in film, and my local supplier - a large supermarket chain - has run out of print film, and doesn't know when it will be back in. The photo department's shelves are as bare as a Moscow supermarket before Peristroika. (I've been begging management for more supplies, but it might be a cold summer, indeed). So I shot all this with my little digital Pentax that has a mind of its own, focusing on anything that catches its eye, like an unruly puppy.

That said: meet Stephanie, who, lucky girl, works at the Brompton Cross Chanel shop in Knightsbridge. Stephanie was on her lunch break when I spotted her. I love her Dolce Vita hair and make-up, paired with the professional clean lines of her skirt, top and shoes (all, I'm sure, Chanel). She was not, I repeat not, smoking a cigarette, and I defy anyone to find evidence of it in these shots!

It always makes me sad when they start showing winter clothes in June. I can understand it, but still. And I'm not a red girl, not at all, never never never, but I do appreciate it on others, and have seen some great looks (like Rania's friend, the other day). Talk about 'classic with a twist', that red suit is stunning. Less so, in my humble opinion, the all red cape like ensemble with the classic white quilt bag. Just doesn't do it for me.

But I do love this Russian Constructivist window display! (And speaking of Reds, has anyone seen the Warren Beatty/Diane Keaton film of the same name, from when their relationship was ending? Saw it again recently, man is it a fabulous film).

I also love how style filters up from the street. Here's a stall I spotted in Spitalfield market, back in March.


Daisy said...

Her look is great! And I love the old classic suit look better than the all red, red trousers are hideous, frankly. Love yr blog!!

Stephanie Clayton said...

fantastic! the chanel windows are eye candy....love the russian constructivist window display. although the mannequins..hmm..one would think chanel should be using more contemporary ones?? i mean, they look like relics. just seems odd for chanel, that's all. anyone else notice this?

i enjoy the "different" look of your film photos. i can't put my finger on it, but on the internet they do appear quite different than digital shots, and that is refreshing. one should certainly appreciate the work that goes into shooting with film, the editing, and then scanning or whatever you do to get them up here. i hope you're able to find some film soon. that said, these digital pics are really fab!

Jolie Roux said...

What beautiful coats they are! And her look is nice

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Chanel's Moscow line is amazing...I am set on purchasing at least one item from that collection. THat bag! *SIGH*

Imke said...

Hmmmm, I looove Chanel <33