who wears short shorts?

For those of you coming to my blog for the first time, first, welcome! and second, sorry that my previous posting wasn't strictly a streetstyle shot (for one thing, I didn't shoot it, and secondly, I added the flowers in photoshop).

I've got a killer migraine at the moment from hay fever - it's brutal in this moist weather - and it's hard to look at a screen, but I wanted to post a recent shot of Charmaine using the Albert Memorial as a hat (more about her later, and no, this is NOT doctored in photoshop!). This was on one of the few rare days recently when we could get away with short shorts in London - right now everyone's back to styling themselves as best they can in winter clothes (some interesting uses of fur, sweaters, and sandals).

But until I can get some great shots of short shorts with heels - a look I can't wait to parade on the High Street - I'm going to post a shot of Elise that I took in Palm Beach at Easter. I don't have my notes handy so I'm not sure where she got those great metallic platform sandals, but I seem to think she said Prada. The funny thing was, as perfectly groomed as she was, she was so low maintenance to meet and shoot, caught unawares with her friend on Worth Avenue, while Charmaine, bless her cotton socks, was so much more.. high maintenance.

Two very different girls, two very different looks. So the question remains: which is more you?


Anonymous said...

I love this post,
Oh dear I hope you feel better from all the hayfever, I've been getting it this year too which is kind of weird seeing as I never get hayfever!
Both such great looks, and their personsalities really shine through..
I distinctly remember that really hot day and I was right by there sunbathing with my sausage dog and my best friend :)
She looks like quite a lot of fun to meet :D, and the second picture is so serene!
which one is more me? Am I allowed to say somewhere in between? ;)
lots of love,
nicky x x

Stephanie and Silvya said...

I hope you feel better too! :]

I love the pose in the first shot. I really like her outfit all around.

But they both look great. I like elements from both, so it's hard to decide!


Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I think that's an easy one: the second girl (although the first is no less fab)! Ahhhh...That Birkin!! So amazing.

Anonymous said...

The first for certain,it is more laid back and stylish, although I do like the top the second is wearing, the plain black looks very chic. But overall the first is the best.

StyleSpy said...

All my sympathies about the allergies -- what misery. I like the way both gals look, but I'm going with Charmaine. It's more spontaneous. (Plus, please forgive me, I am up to here with those squared-off French mani acrylic nails. God, was there ever anything so ugly or trite?)

Victoria said...

the 1st picture is awesome!