jelly flip flop

Last Wednesday I posted on my reincarnated hot pink plastic celebrity sandals (which I had previously posted on exactly a month earlier, coincidentally, on May 3rd), and erroneously stated that I purchased them in Next, but couldn't find them on their site. Anonymous has helpfully pointed out that's because I had actually purchased them at New Look. They're online here, listed as 'jelly flip flops', in coral (the first incarnation was a hotter, cooler pink), for 8 quid (either $16USD, or $12, depending on the fluctuating exchange rate). Anonymous, thank you. I stand corrected.


Sweet Jane said...

now with globalization fashion is almost the same everywhere :S :S

jill said...

totally agree. and it all happens at once - and the coincidences are almost frightening. i'll think something, or see something, and the same day someone will post something from the other side of the world.
the other thing i notice is when i'm trying to document 'london street style' - everyone is from somewhere else in the world! it's wonderful, there really are no boundaries any more.