california dreaming

I don't know about your part of the world, but anyone coming into their office in London today is probably feeling like hey, guys, what happened to global warming? Is it really JUNE? I'm going out to shoot streetstyle in this gloom, and not holding my breath for any of that fabulous city short shorts with fabulous heels look I've been dreaming about (not am I wearing it - not today, not yet).
So instead of posting some of my wonderful recent photos, I'm going back in time to a place called Tranquility, New Jersey, where my dear friend Maryann Kissane took this shot of me years ago at her & her husband Jim's mill, which he renovated himself (he's an architect, their home is like a giant magic castle inside, carved out of the original mill, in the most idyllic location).

I love Maryann's shot. It has such a sixties, California vibe to me. I added the flowers recently but the flamingo, and Teddy's vintage car, were both real. Or as real as anything can be in this crazy world.


Patricia said...

Goodness! You look about 14 years old, lucky you.

Anonymous said...

wow what a gorgeous photo!
very surreal,
lots of love,
nicky x x

p.s. need to catch you up on your fantastic e-mail I've been ill (again) over the weekend! :(

Noelle Chantal said...

very nice photo of you! i want to have a photo like this one too! hehe. so beautiful vintage looking photo. plus the tanga, vintage car and pink flamingo is so perfect here! i like the pop of flowers here and there, looks really lovely on your tan color. :)

and yes, the weather really sucks. its all rain here in Manila too. i'm missing the beach and my footprints in the sand.

TheSleekGeek said...

This is my favourite photo!it's so coooool and lovely!
oh the weather here is awful:'( so stuffy and keep raining outside.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Gorgeous!!

How do you have such a fantastic figure!! You are so slim and fabulous!!

Hope you don't find that too personal! =)