fringe benefits

It seems everyone starts off saying 'I don't normally like fringe, but..' and it's true: this is one trend that just gets under a girl's skin. I don't know why. At first I didn't like it in general - like quiche, it's got such a bad rep, man (there's just too many bad examples that have been orphaned to charity shops, unloved and unwanted, from the 70s) but there are now so many brilliant variations. What I love is, it can be anywhere: on a bag, jacket, skirt, or here, on my beautiful friend Charlotte's fabulous sandals.

I also love her oversized ring, (another trend that I just love to bits), and how it looks with the scarf she was wearing that day. (I've only now realised, the pattern is actually skulls! How cool). My one shot got cut off in an interesting, fringey way, so I'm keeping it for your benefit. Another happy accident!

p.s. (Friday) update: got these sourcing details from Charlotte: 'The sandals were Matiko from Intermix in NY, Ring was designed by jewellery designer Kara and from Scoop in NY and scarf was Alexander McQueen (they have a great copy in Topshop in cream and black right now saw it yesterday)....hope that helps!'

It does. Thanks, C! x


StyleSpy said...

I love fringe and always have. My favorite iteration of it lately, though, was the last Jil Sander collection. Stunning.

Valentine said...

I looove fringe sandales!!!

Yours are stunning :)

jill said...

Sorry, Valentine - they're not mine, they're my friend Charlotte's. Altho if she's not careful, they might just become mine... I'm thinking we're about the same shoe size.
SS: I was curious and it took a while (we don't hear much about Jil Sander here - she must have a shop, I don't remember seeing it) but I've just looked around and found the collection here if anyone but me doesn't already know it:

I agree, great stuff: I've seen it before - not on any real people on the street, or at night anywhere (yet) but on other blog sites. I seem to recall someone wearing it.. possibly Nini of Nini's Style?

Coincidentally, something else re: fringe just appeared on the street. Will post about it later, gotta run back out again. On the hot hot street - you've sent your Austin weather our way, thanks babe. : )

Bit too hot, perhaps.. you could tone it down about ten degrees fahrenheit, with a bit more breeze, and it would be just about perfect.

Victoria said...

Oh I love these shoes I have a similar pair in beige which always get loads of compliments!!!