self portrait of other women (everything is connected)

I was on my way to meet Mr. D @ Bluebird Cafe when I saw this girl ahead of me. She reminded me of me, especially her movements, i.e. brisk, almost skipping. I sprinted after her down the King's Rd. She gave me quite a chase, too, but I finally caught up with her just a few steps from Bluebird. And now I"ve forgot her name! Astrid perhaps? It was a name I'd want for myself, so I hope she finds this and gets in touch. It was like a self portrait, but of someone else. And we've got the same sunglasses, and similar hair.I love how it's a simple summer blue seersucker dress, accessorised with the thin belt, and then worn as a jumper over a white long sleeved tee. She really stood out from the uniform of black leggings (like me).

Speaking of which, here's one of me (above) in the outfit I wore to the protest at the Iranian Embassy, and another photo of one of the lovely women there (below). All of these women were happy for me to shoot them, because this is so important, and yet most covered their face, not out of vanity or for religious reasons, but to protect their anonymity. The symbolism is quite moving to me: It's that serious. And yet, there was an element of joy: their spirits will not be broken. They will not give up.

Wishing a good weekend to all you wonderful men, and especially, women, all around the world.


christine said...

good on ya for going to protest for iran! they deserve change!

Anonymous said...

well done x

Vicki said...

HI There! :)
Thank you for your lovely comment, i would love to swap links! I have already added you to my inspiring me list of all the blogs i love!
Love this photo above with you reflected in the glass window brilliant shot!
much love from Ireland xx

Anonymous said...

Jill, Astrid (?) really does remind me of you!
I love your orange sandals- who makes them?
you make quite a stylish statement in your protest outfit.
Wish I was there.

Unknown said...

Ahh! I love what the lady in the first picture is wearing! I love how she wears a simple white long sleeve tee shirt underneath a simple(hmmmmm?) light grey sleeve-less dress. She tops the look off with her skinny bright red belt. So when I see this picture, I see it this way: white, white, ohhh red!, and white(for the flats). Beautiful pictures! By the way Jill, I love your gigantic aqua bag or purse you have lying next to you in the second picture. I'm still trying to identify your look through the mirrored effect of the windows.
check out my fashion blog!

Anonymous said...

free iran, now.

jill said...

Mona: Funny you asked, I've been (unintentionally) doing a whole series on those pink plastic sandals. If you start here, and click on the coloured links, you'll see the thread. The short answer is, New Look, and last I Looked, they're available online for the $ equivilant of £8. (Probably £12 with the current exchange rate).

TrendyDwarf, Thank you! The gigantic aqua bag is very old, about 4 or 5 years, and is cotton Indian style cloth with gold motif, from Accessorize, and was very cheap, too. And 'Astrid's' dress was actually a kind of thin blue and white stripe grosgrain but the detail didn't show up in the shot, so it looks light grey.

Christine & Anonymous: thank you. I'm sure all our hearts are with the Iranian people right now. C, hope you're feeling better!!!

Vik will get on it soon as we're back. Husband's chomping at the bit to go back out!


jill said...

oops, sorry, was rushing. Mona here's the link : )